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Radicetonda is constantly looking for delicious and innovative possibilities in the field of vegan cuisine that are made using raw ingredients from organic or biodynamic farming and, whenever possible, with a short supply chain. 

We want to free the prejudices that present vegan cuisine as unattractive and unappetizing: the careful work of daily preparation preserves flavor and freshness of the original elements thus enhancing the taste and vibrant colors of Radicetonda's dishes.


Apart from the street food (burgers, hot dogs, club sandwiches and others, always available), our offer changes daily according to the availability of the best organic ingredient. 


From mixed dishes with pasta, cereals and vegetables,

to the special choice of the day, to the convenient light lunch.


A light breakfast and a wide choice of pastry without refined sugar complete our offer.


Freshly squeezed juices, drinks (alcoholic or not) and cafeteria are rigorously organic.



The kitchen of Radicetonda uses certified organic foods which are not only grown naturally and without the use of chemicals, but are also free of preservatives and synthetic dyes.

All of our dishes follow the principles of the vegan diet and are therefore prepared in a simple and natural way excluding the use of animal products and their derivatives.

The oven we use is electric. We care about your health, the health of our staff, and the correct preparation of the dishes we serve.


The furniture are realized with recycled and recovery materials, whenever possible. 
The bowls, glasses, plates and cutlery of Radicetonda are made of 100% biodegradable bioplastics.

Our locals got the biologic certification ICEA with maximum score.


We are coming with an amazing interview on Radio Popolare! here's the team!
Stay tuned!

Do you want to know more about other our activities ? look at our Events Calendar !

from Sunday to Thursday, from 17.00 to 23.00, The place in Piazza Buozzi 5( Corso Lodi) is available for private or corporate events,presentations,lessons and seminars, even with the use of kitchen and a chef.
For further information please contact Caterina

3396585631 - infobuozzi@radicetonda.it  


Restaurants and hours


Via Spallanzani, 16

20129 - Milan

info@radicetonda.it   \\  Tel: +39 02 36737924


Monday            08,30 - 23,00

Tuesday           08,30 - 23,00

Wednesday      08,30 - 23,00

Thursday          08,30 - 23,00

Friday               08,30 - 23,00

Saturday          09,30 - 23,00

Sunday            09,30 - 23,00

Piazza Buozzi, 5

20135 - Milan

infobuozzi@radicetonda.it   \\  Tel: +39 02 36736669

PIAZZA BUOZZI 5 (Corso Lodi)

Monday           08,30 - 12.00

Tuesday          08,30 - 12.00

Wednesday     08,30 - 12.00

Thursday         08,30 - 12.00

Friday              08,30 - 12.00

Saturday          08,30 - 12.00

Monday           09,30 - 16.00

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